Queens in High Demand: Tiffany Boxx 🧡 Queens in High Demand: Tiffany Boxx 🧡

Queens in High Demand: Tiffany Boxx 🧡

Queens in High Demand: Tiffany Boxx 🧡 Queens in High Demand: Tiffany Boxx 🧡

Life as a Tangerine Kween 🍊✨

Over the past 3 years Tiffany Boxx has made her main initiative to bring love, light and joy to audiences. Her campy, comedic, and fun filled performances are matched with her quirky, sparkly, and sweetheart personality.

A producer and host of PlayDate, Toronto's largest socially distanced drag brunch located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Tiffany found a way to bring the joy of friends, drag and a little sparkle back to the community.

Read on to find out more about her journey so far and why she’s our pick for our first #QueensInHighDemand 👑


Photo by @lickmylenscap for PlayDate Toronto (June 2021).


Q: For those who don’t know, what would we expect at a Tiffany Boxx show?

A. Oh gosh! Tiffany Boxx shows are filled of silliness, stupidness and a lot of fun! Tiffany is always very put together but also has a dash of chaos to her so you never know what will happen. Plus a lot of early 00s songs!! If you wanna find out more, be sure to come check out PlayDate for the full experience ;) 


Q: What has been your most memorable performance?

A: I think one of my most memorable performances would be PlayDate. Seeing everyone’s smiles again and just having such a wave of normalcy and connection really made an impact. Another really memorable performance was performing at the ROM during pride cause it was my first “official” pride as Tiffany Boxx and I really love dinosaurs.


"PlayDate was created out of a way to bring joy and queer energy back to folks after the lockdown." 


 Photo by @_qweenton.


Q: How do you gain creative self-confidence as a drag queen? Have you ever doubted yourself and how did you deal with it?

A: So here's the thing, in my day to day life I definitely face those self doubting & overthinking moments. What can I say? I’m a cancer sun but with drag I find there’s such a wave of self confidence that comes over me. It’s like there’s a feeling that I can do and take on anything that I want! It’s one of my favourite things tbh.


Q: What role do drag queens play in making the world a better place?

A: I think drag performers have such a wonderful ability in making the world a better place. In a sense, drag performers have a powerful outlet to the queer & hetero communities because we’re given a microphone, we’re given a physical platform.

We have an abundance of opportunities to make the world better through bringing up political topics, hard to talk about topics and giving kinder messages to the world. There’s so many sparks of conversation we have the chance to bring to the forefront and make space for change.


Q. What’s your favourite thing about Pride and how do you celebrate it?

A: My favourite thing about pride is the energy!! There’s just such a wave of big queer energy and It’s my absolute favourite. There’s literally nothing like it.

Pride for drag performers can be hectic but I always be sure to find some time to celebrate pride by surrounding myself with people who allow me to feel like my authentic self. Whether that’s on a beach, park or a little bbq, being with the girlies is the best way to feel loved.



Photo by @merzetti


Q: Let's talk cannabis. What are your favourite strains and products?

A: Jean Guy has always been down to show me a good time.


Q: Which famous celebrity (dead or alive) are you smoking with?

A: Rihanna, Laura Dern and Julianne Moore would make for a great rotation circle.


Q: What are your go-to munchies?

A: My go to options for the snack would be a toss up between Jolly Rancher Misfits, Frozen Grapes or Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter. You have to have options for all vibes! Ou also Bubbly Sparkling Water!!!



Q: What strain did you choose for your Queens in High Demand look and why?

A: For my Queens in High Demand look I’ve chosen to do a look inspired by Tangerine Dream. It’s the perfect escapism high, it has this uplifting feeling but also has a thought provoking energy that allows you to focus in on different moments.


"I'd describe my Queens in High Demand look as stunning, sensual, stoned."

Q: Imagine you are at your perfect level of high, what song or genre is playing? What movie is on?

A: Music wise I really enjoy low-fi pop vibes or Kylie Minogue when I’m stoned. Lately it’s been FINNEAS, Harry Styles, Troye Sivan or even some Joni Mitchell.

If we’re turning on a movie, it’s gotta be one of my classic faves. Think First Wives Club, Jurassic Park, Scream, The Goonies, Bring It On, She’s All That, Death Becomes Her,  or You’ve Got Mail. Your choice though!


Q: Our Breakfast Club members want to know, what’s your go-to breakfast food?

A: For Breakfast with Tiffany, it’s two options: sit down or on the go mode! If she’s on the go, it’s a Breakfast Bagel from What A Bagel and a Hashbrown from A&W. If the doll is sitting down and enjoying the moment, it’s pancakes with fruit or an avocado eggs benny from KOS in Kensington Market.



 Photo by @_qweenton.


Q: Who would you consider a “Queen in High Demand”?

A: I’d definitely consider Tash Riot, Steak, The Ugly One, Bom Bae and Jelly to be some of my personal “Queens in High Demand”. The talents they bring to every single performance / look is next level. Plus they’re all total sweethearts and total rockstars. If you haven’t discovered these performers, you’re slacking and need to hit follow NOW!!


Q: Lastly, if you could give one piece of advice as a mentor, what would it be?

A: My piece of advice as a mentor would be that drag has no rules or boundaries of what it’s “supposed to be”, have fun with it! If you’re having fun, the audience is having fun!


 Photo by @_qweenton.

"There’s so many sparks of conversation we have the chance to bring to the forefront and make space for change."  

Photo by @lickmylenscap for PlayDate Toronto (June 2021).

Tiffany Boxx is currently based in Toronto, ON Canada. Follow her on Instagram at @tiffany.boxx.