Valentine's Day Gift Guide 💝 Valentine's Day Gift Guide 💝

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 💝

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 💝 Valentine's Day Gift Guide 💝

Skip the roses this year and send them on a love trip 💫

We’ve compiled a list of the best V-Day gifts with a little help from the cosmos.

Whether you’re gifting yourself or your number ones, here are some of our top picks to spark some inspiration.


Aries ♈️
Incredibly passionate, impulsive, and bold. This fiery sign wears their heart on the sleeve and is known for their high-energy and uplifting demeanour.

Tsubota Pearl Lighter 🔥
Spark some serious lighter envy with Tsubota Pearl's Hard Edge Lighter. Designed and made in Japan, this lighter features a stylish tortoise shell pattern with a hand-lacquered texture.


Taurus ♉️
Dependable, loves a luxurious lifestyle but also enjoys a chill night in. This grounded earth sign is known for being the ultimate stoners of the zodiac and appreciates the finer things in life.

Ohai Joint Ring 💍
Add a sprinkle of elegance to the traditional puff puff pass. These little hands will keep your joint secure so you can enjoy every toke, from tip to tip. Also known to be great for bath time.


Gemini ♊️
Playful, intellectually curious, and highly enthusiastic. This care-free social butterfly of the zodiac is known to be skilled at banter and is always down to try new things.

Kolab 232 Diamond Series Concentrate Pen + THCA Diamonds 💎
Stripped back, convenient, and ready to embrace the unexpected. The Kolab 232 Series Concentrate Pen was made in collaboration with a local artist and California-based hardware experts.

The process of creativity and experimentation are strongly rooted in Kolab and best expressed in the launch of Kolab Ice Cream Cake THCA Diamonds. This flower is grown in small-batch rooms to preserve the distinct character of every plant.


Cancer ♋️
Compassionate, nurturing, and loves to please. This tender water sign tends to be more on the introverted side and appreciates the comfort of home, surrounded by loved ones.

Everie CBD Tea 🫖
Everie’s Lavender Chamomile CBD Tea is a naturally caffeine-free, premium whole-leaf herbal tea. A gentle blend of soothing chamomile flowers, warming lemongrass, with the delicate floral aroma of lavender.


Leo ♌️
Extremely confident, charismatic, loyal, and loves to be the center of attention. A natural leader of the zodiac, treat this fire sign with a gift that glitters like gold.

Pax Rose Gold 🌹
PAX 3 features an enhanced oven that heats up in 20 seconds and also works with waxy and solid concentrates. Their patented temperature control brings out the best in your flower and concentrate. You get consistent flavours, aromas, and potency. All without the harmful byproducts of combustion.


Virgo ♍️
Loyal, logical, and extremely meticulous. This down to earth sign has a love for nature and embodies a unique way of seeing the world.

Xena Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe 🔮
Meet the pipe that’s almost too pretty to smoke out of. This Rose Quartz crystal pipe holds true to the likeness of their stone family. From mind clearing to soul stirring and inspiring creativity to releasing disharmony these crystal pipes from Xena Glass will soothe your soul and stimulate your mind.


Libra ♎️
flirty, stylish, and charming. Intuitive and clever in nature, this optimistic air sign is known to see the beauty and romance in everyone they meet.

Choice Leaf Rose Petal Blunt Wrap 🥀
Made with Natural Rose Petals, these Rose cones are cleaned with distilled water to remove impurities and provide the highest quality, perfect for a special occasion. Simply pack and indulge in the sweet, floral aroma.


Scorpio ♏️
Mysterious, intuitive, and known for being the sexy, alluring sign of the zodiac. This low-key elegant water sign is know for being drawn to darkness and loves to keep people guessing.

Little Victory Dark Cherry 🍒
Cherry pick your moments with this vibrant naturally flavoured beverage.

Sagittarius ♐️
Spontaneously adventurous, funny, and known for being the life of the party. This ambitious fire sign loves to travel and is always down to try a new experience, no matter how crazy it sounds.

Hot Lips Tray 👄

Pucker up with this tinted acrylic tray by Studio A-OK. Equipped with raised edges and a flat base, perfect for collecting trinkets or showing off at your vanity.


Capricorn ♑️
Diligent, hard working, and independent. This stable earth sign knows how to grind and will do whatever it takes to fulfill their goals.

Kannastor Rose Gold Grinder 💐
Meet the signature GR8TR: the most versatile grinder on the market. Not only is this iconic smoking accessory engineered to deliver a signature smooth grind, but it’s modular by design. In other words, you can configure and assemble the GR8TR however you want, to grind and go.


Aquarius ♒️
Quirky, rebellious, and creative. This high spirited air sign is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac who loves to think outside the box.

Merry Jane The CBD Solution: Sex 💋
This second book in the Merry Jane CBD series speaks to one of the most-asked, most-requested topics: How can CBD improve my sex life? This is an all-encompassing, no-holds-barred exploration of CBD and sexual wellness.

Pisces ♓️  
Compassionate, mystical, and imaginative. This highly intuitive water baby is known for being the dreamer of the zodiac and loves to manifest their wildest hopes and dreams.

Allume Green Dream Tarot Deck 🌙
A special collaboration with leading tarot brand, Soul Cards. The luxury Green Dream deck pays homage to Mother Nature's most healing and spiritual plant. Featuring 78 velvety smooth matte cards with a beautiful leaf print, and signature Soul Cards symbols in gold foil.


Happy Valentine's Day buds! ❤️