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Introducing Dutch Love, formerly known as Hobo: new name, same service.

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Danforth Village

There’s a plant for that. Discover them all today in Toronto's Danforth Village.

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Good Neighbour Program

In Ottawa’s Centretown, we are partnering with Operation Come Home ‘by donating 10% of proceeds through September - an organization that works to reunite homeless youth with their families and offers education courses, employment services and housing assistance  #passthedutchlove

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THC dominant

Sativa varietals with plenty of THC and less CBD for a hit of energy that'll make you wanna move.



THC leaning

Sativa leaning varietals with more THC than CBD for an energized lift to creative or social affairs.



Equal parts THC to CBD

Hybrid varietals with an even'ish ratio of THC and CBD for seeking balance and harmony.



CBD Dominant

Mostly or all CBD with little to no THC to help reach a subtly relaxing or restorative place.



THC Dominant

Indica varietals with plenty of THC and less CBD to gear down for some serious rest and relaxation.

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There’s a new normal in town and its name is Cannabis. Our aim is to make the cannabis buying experience disarming, compassionate and human. That’s why people roll with us.

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