Queens in High Demand: Amy Grindhouse 🍰 Queens in High Demand: Amy Grindhouse 🍰

Queens in High Demand: Amy Grindhouse 🍰

Queens in High Demand: Amy Grindhouse 🍰 Queens in High Demand: Amy Grindhouse 🍰

Sugar, spice and everything nice 🎂

Amy Grindhouse (she/her) is a twitter local, socialite and drag superstar from beautiful Vancouver, BC. For over 5 years, Amy has shared her original brand of comedy and vocal stylings with audiences, and what she lacks in polish she makes up for with various scents and textures.. you’ll have to watch for yourself to get it.

Find out more about this crazy bearded lady with a heart of gold 👑



Q: For those who don’t know, what would we expect at an Amy Grindhouse show?

A. Bold singing, c*m jokes, way too many stories about having worms, pubic hair, blonde wigs and a very good time!


Q: What is your favourite way to perform?

A: I love to perform live, singing or stand up. I’ve been lucky that this city hasn’t put me in a box and I’ve been able to marry both of my passions into a bizarre act! Hopefully you’ll see me on JFL soon!


"I always fight for my creative voice and when I’m living my truth I’m confident."

Q: How would you describe your look?

A. I am trying to blend my punk roots with celebrating my feminine energy??!? It’s a struggle but I’m always trying new things!



Q: What has been your most memorable performance so far?

A: In a good way? Performing with my friend Shanda Leer when we opened for Trixie Mattel. We got to do a full 10 mins together and we got lots of laughs. Very rarely do you get the chance to play to a big crowd so that was a thrill! 

In a bad way? When I was in high school I did a show at our local bar in Squamish called the Chieftain (it was legal I promise…) and I had to fill 4 hours. Yikes! At one point I landed on an idea to perform Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” and I had a toy gun I pointed at people for tips.

Cut to: a war vet at the bar triggered by the gun in his face! Yikes! I think the biggest lesson is that shock humour and trying to be edgy is so rarely worth it. That bad number was not worth causing PTSD flashbacks to that poor man!! Although he did give me a $50 later and kind of flirted with me, at least I was able to make it up to him.


Photo from backstage with Shanda Leer at the 3rd Puppyteeth Drag Carnival starring Trixie Mattel.


Q: Who inspired you to pursue a career in drag?

A: Elvira is my idol and seeing her blend sexuality, horror and comedy blew my mind. I just wanna be a blonde version of her!


Q: You recently just launched a new show on Comedy Here Often? What life lessons would we take away from The Larry & Pum Pum Show?

A: I would say that there’s two big lessons from that amazing project. The first being it's so important to take the opportunities you didn’t think were possible, because the results will always surprise and inspire you.

Secondly, find a creative partner who challenges you as much as they respect you. It’s a very important combination that keeps things fresh and functional! I love my Pum Pum so stay tuned for more mess from us! 



Q: Let's chat cannabis. Which famous celebrity (dead or alive) are you smoking with?

A: Pamela Anderson I wanna know what it was like filming Barb Wire

I actually met her at Save-on-Meats and she signed a VHS copy of that movie! I handed it to her and she said “you know, we all live in a VHS world.” That’s the most amazing thing anyone has ever said to me!!


Q: What strain did you choose for your Queens in High Demand look and why?

A: Birthday Cake because I’ve got a great ass and I love baked gluten free goods!



"I am allergic to being told what to do, it’s always been like that!"

Q: How do you gain creative self-confidence as a drag queen? Have you ever doubted yourself and how did you deal with it??

A: I always fight for my creative voice and when I’m living my truth I’m confident. I am allergic to being told what to do, it’s always been like that! So the further I stray from my inner voice the less secure I feel in my drag. I think two years of therapy helped, getting medicated helped, and having people like and respect my work helped a lot too!


Q. Who are some wonderful queens that you think the world should know more about? Who would you consider a “Queen in High Demand”??

A: Me next question.



Q: What advice would you give your younger self or to someone that would like to pursue drag?

A: Go harder earlier and branch out. Work with more people, don’t get stuck in one corner. I wish I knew how smart and creative I was, I’ve always been way too hard on myself.

I also would say never be afraid to change!


"You don’t lose yourself from growing your talents and trying new things, it just makes you a more well rounded person and artist."

Catch Amy Grindhouse on Embody Pride, a virtual drag, music, dance and comedy event hosted by Cannabis For Harm Reduction, from July 18th-August 5th, 2021.


Amy Grindhouse is currently based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Follow her on Instagram at @amy.grindhouse.