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Vancouver Airport

Not that we’re endorsing anyone mile high club (although domestically yes, you are allowed to fly with cannabis 😉) but this store is the closest to YVR, one of the world’s best and greenest airports. It’s SoCal-inspired vibes are so warm and inviting you might just stay a while. Either way our happy, human staff are here to kickstart or cap off your journey. 🚀

So what's for sale?

Across our five decision-tree categories here we carry over two dozen types of flower and a considered selection of prerolls, oils, capsules, vapes, edibles and accessories all on display for your browsing pleasure. You can order online for in-store pickup here. 👇

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The journey is real. Or is it?

The journey is real. Or is it?

Our ethos dances with wanderlust so sometimes we get a little weird around ideas of figurative or literal journeys one can have with cannabis. But what happens in the in-between? At this store, it’s a surrealist travel agency that we decided to build next door. Bon voyage. 🧳


We tell stories here. Sometimes ours, sometimes yours.