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Good Neighbour

As an extension of our group’s charitable work through the Donnelly Fund, let us introduce the ‘Good Neighbour’ program.

For each new Dutch Love store, we partner with a local community social program to raise awareness and funds by way of donating 10% of proceeds from its first open month.

Lake Country Food Bank

The Lake Country Food Bank is one of the only organizations in the Okanagan Valley that provides food assistance to low income families. Serving over 600 people each month, their goal is to eliminate hunger and assist in the relief of poverty by providing food hampers for those in need.

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Parkdale Community Food Bank

The Parkdale Community Food Bank in Toronto has made it their mission to provide food for those in need, the hungry and the impoverished. With your help, we’re donating 10% of proceeds from our Parkdale location for the month of September.

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Operation Come Home

In Ottawa’s Centretown, we are partnering with Operation Come Home - an organization that works to reunite homeless youth with their families and offers education courses, employment services and housing assistance.

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Cannabis Amnesty

The Cannabis Amnesty campaign has been fighting to undo the harms caused by criminalization of cannabis. Their goal is to create the standard for a true cannabis amnesty by issuing blanket pardons to all individuals for the offence of simple possession. 

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