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Vancouver Main Street


In-store: Tues - Sun 10am to 11pm
Same-day delivery: Daily

Main Street was named one of North America’s 15 coolest streets. Admittedly, Dutch Love wasn’t around when the honour was bestowed but we do believe in making a team effort to carry that charge. This cool little boutique is built for speed with a few creature comforts to boot.

So what's for sale?

Across our five decision-tree categories here we carry over two dozen types of flower and a considered selection of prerolls, oils, capsules, vapes, edibles and accessories all on display for your browsing pleasure. You can see our live menu here. 👇

Our Menu

Community values

Community values

Main St. is our designers hood. They’re intimately connected to this community and understand its character. So when they put an odd little bench out front and some beautiful foliage in the entrance to naturally connect with the streetfront, it set the tone for what’s behind the doors. Won’t you be our neighbour?