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Toronto Yonge-Dundas


Daily 9am to 11pm

The forecast is sunny with a chance of highs at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas square. We're open for in-store purchases and pickup.

So what's for sale?

Across our five decision-tree categories here we carry over two dozen types of flower and a considered selection of prerolls, oils, capsules, vapes, edibles and accessories all on display for your browsing pleasure.

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Work with us

Work with us

We help people for a living. It’s our passion. But that’s not where our passion ends—as individuals and collectively, we’re interested in art, music, design and much more. These interests and experiences make up the fabric of our culture which only exists because of our people. Interested in being one of those people? So are we.



We tell stories here. Sometimes ours, sometimes yours.