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Mother Earth Friendly Goods

Show your Mother (Earth) some respect 🌿

Mother Earth put cannabis here for a reason and it’s about (high) time to pause and focus on a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. We will be a voice in the call to action for the industry to do better by highlighting new people and brands each season that are doing their part.

Earth friendly pillars

Sustainable practices 🌱

Such as the use of alternative energies, environmentally friendly growing mediums, recycled materials and sustainable packaging.

Environmental friendliness ✌🏼

Like greenhouse and outdoor farming to reduce energy needs, recyclable or low carbon footprint packaging.

Social responsibility đź’š

Creating change through environmental stewardship, public carbon footprint plans, raising funds and awareness for environmental change.

Featured brand: 48North

Featured brand: 48North

48North practices regenerative agriculture practices. “Regenerative Agriculture” describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.

48North uses recyclable packaging materials for pre-rolls + vape carts and is OUR partner for our instore recycling program for vape carts + other non-recyclable materials (by way of conventional recycling)

Feature brand: Simply Bare

Feature brand: Simply Bare

Simply Bare’s plants are grown organically using living soil. Living soil is made up of a community of organisms that work together to break down organic matter providing nutrition to plants and other surrounding organisms. What makes Simply Bare’s mixture so special is that it’s made from rich, locally harvested ingredients from the BC coast: Douglas fir bark, worm casting, kelp + fish meal.

Simply Bare plants are grown using the natural light of the sun wherever possible. Plants grow best when they’re exposed to full spectrum sunlight. It not only helps them express their full aroma, it also uses abundant solar energy which means it’s a more sustainable way to grow.

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