Queens in High Demand: Misty Meadows 🕸 Queens in High Demand: Misty Meadows 🕸

Queens in High Demand: Misty Meadows 🕸

Queens in High Demand: Misty Meadows 🕸 Queens in High Demand: Misty Meadows 🕸

Misty Meadows' Web of Highs 🕷

What can we say about Misty Meadows-Gurl? A Calgary based comedy pageant queen, someone who once dated Abraham Lincoln, invented penicillin and frequently lies about her achievements.

Realistically, Misty is a past Empress, dancer, comedian, lip-sync artist and an occasional impersonator all wrapped in the aesthetic of vintage villain. More notably known as your unfriendly neighbourhood body snatcher, the town vodka aunt and infamously the demon under your bed.

Read on to find out more about her journey so far and why she’s a #QueenInHighDemand 👑


Q: For those who don’t know, what would we expect at a Misty Meadows show?

A. Honestly, stupidity, camp and the delusion of me being beautiful.


Q: How would you describe your look?

A: I would say Campy Pageant Villain. The evil queen you secretly root for to destroy the princesses dreams. What can I say, I want Ariel’s voice.


"No one likes a pretty person doing well. It's hard to root for." 


Q: What has been your most memorable performance?

A: My candidacy number for Vancouver Empress, “Let’s Have a Kiki". It was so much fun and a huge break away from the expected. 


Q: Let's talk cannabis. What are your favourite strains and products?

A: Honestly, I turned my back on edibles a while ago but during the fun times of 2020 rediscovered them. Especially gummies.


Q: Which famous celebrity (dead or alive) are you smoking with?

A: Bette Davis. I just want her to yell at me tbh.


Q: What are your go-to munchies?

A: Jujubes and salt- vinegar chips at the same time. It’s weird but honestly an amazing combination. 


Q: What’s an underrated thing to do while high?

A: Sew, or design. I find it can make me focus or look at mood boards from a completely different way.

Also Classic Cinema, watch All About Eve high and tell me I’m wrong.



Q: What strain did you choose for your Queens in High Demand look and why?

A: White Widow, it just spoke to me. I don’t know if it's the fact I’m on my 8th husband in three weeks after they all died of mysterious circumstances at dinner. Or because I really love that strain, I tried it. It's great.  


Q: Imagine you are at your perfect level of high, what song or genre is playing? What movie is on?

A: Carol King- Tapestry in particular track “It’s too late” wearing a 60’s house dress swaying with brandy.  



Q: Who are some wonderful queens that you think the world should know more about or would consider a “Queen in High Demand”?

A: I mean my drag children come to mind (DW Meadows, Serenity Meadows, Stephanie Prince, Peppermint Phattie, RainE Meadows, XanaX, Heidi Park, Gluttony), as well as my two mothers (Carlotta Gurl, Sienna Blaze). But if you want a queen that is certainly in “high” demand. DW Meadows, the DW is short for something extra spicy. 


Q: Lastly, if you could give one piece of advice as a mentor, what would it be? 

"Don't fall into the trap of believing your own hype, self confidence is great. Arrogance is not."  


Misty has been even able to convince people she is talented and “stolen” the following titles, Two time Entertainer of the Year, Calgary’s Next Drag Superstar, and “least likely to succeed (Yearbook)”.

Follow them on Instagram, at @mistymeadows.gurl to keep up to date on what has recently been reviewed as glorified stupidity.