Movies + Strain Pairings: Valentine's Day Edition 🌹 Movies + Strain Pairings: Valentine's Day Edition 🌹

Movies + Strain Pairings: Valentine's Day Edition 🌹

Movies + Strain Pairings: Valentine's Day Edition 🌹 Movies + Strain Pairings: Valentine's Day Edition 🌹

Better than a bouquet of 💐⁠⁠

It’s another edition of movies + strain pairings: Valentine’s Day Edition. Grab your favourite munchies and light it up with this ultimate throwback marathon.



10 Things I Hate About You

Based loosely on Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew, this classic 90s rom-com is a must for a throwback movie marathon. An overbearing doctor father forbids his high school queen bee daughter from dating unless her sister (and angry feminist), Kat agrees to chaperone. With an unforgettable performance from Heath Ledger singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, this movie is just too good to be true.


90s OG Kush

A legendary crowd-pleaser since the 90s, this classic Indica strain has a strong THC potency potential with a complex aroma of fuel, skunk and spice. Relaxed in nature and calming for both body and mind, this throwback kush is perfect for a couch-locked night in.




Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

If reminiscing about lost love is on your agenda this weekend, this one’s for you. Following the linear rise and fall of a typical romance movie, Eternal Sunshine reflects on a couple’s journey of moving on by deleting the existence of each other through an experimental memory loss technology, or what the kids nowadays call “ghosting”. 


Pure Sun CBD

If you’re not into facing ALL the feels, a high-CBD phenotype might be the trick. This strain delivers sweet scents of creamsicle, brown sugar, cardamom, chamomile and mint. A hand-selected phenotype of Cannatonic, this strain is perfect for times when you can’t shut your brain off and need to catch some zZz’s.





Forgetting Sarah Marshall

After an emotionally humiliating (and naked) break-up, Peter escapes to Hawaii to get over his long-term girlfriend, only to find her also vacationing at the same hotel with her new rock-pop singer boyfriend. Following a whirlwind of reckless rebounds and hilariously self-destructive habits (we’ve all been the Samantha of the group), this movie is the perfect mix of romantic and raunchy.


Amnesia Haze

A cross between Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer, this Sativa dominant strain has an extremely high THC level and a lovely citrus flavour, particularly lemons and oranges. Although we can’t guarantee that it’ll take the heartbreak away, its uplifting and energetic buzz is one you won’t forget.





Crazy, Stupid, Love

Hey girl, if you’re looking for a sweet romantic comedy where everyone wins look no further. On the brink of a divorce, a middle-aged husband seeks to rediscover his manhood alongside certified pickup artist, Jacob. From makeover montages to the infamous shirtless Ryan Gosling scene (ladies, you know which one I’m talking about), this refreshing dramedy about cross-generational love will have you believing in love again.


Green Crush

Like the first cup of coffee in the morning, this perky Sativa is known for its uplifting, focused and motivational properties that invigorate the mind and energize the body. With a tangy, fruity flavor profile, Green Crush makes for the perfect pick me up.


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