Movies + Strain Pairings: 420 Edition 😙💨 Movies + Strain Pairings: 420 Edition 😙💨

Movies + Strain Pairings: 420 Edition 😙💨

Movies + Strain Pairings: 420 Edition 😙💨 Movies + Strain Pairings: 420 Edition 😙💨

The smoke break we could all use right now 📺⁠⁠

It’s the weekend to embrace cannabis culture and since we probably shouldn’t pass a blunt, we recommend you pass this list on instead. We’ve compiled a throwback 420 movie list, paired perfectly with our top pick strains.⁠⁠

Enjoy! 🛋⁠⁠



Half Baked

Coming out in 1998, Half Baked follows four stoner friends who decide to sell weed to make the million dollar bail set for their friends' crime. This draws the ire of a local drug kingpin and they end up way in over their heads. 



Bakerstreet originates from a strain hailing from the Hindu Kush Mountains. A little sweet and earthy, this bud should have you feeling relaxed all over. So why not unwind with some laughs?




Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

After seeing a White Castle commercial, two friends set out on an adventure to get their munchie fix. The trip takes them deep into New Jersey where they encounter many obstacles including extreme sports punks, a racoon with a ‘tude and Neil Patrick Harris.


Midnight Jam

Commonly known as 8Ball Kush, Midnight Jam comes from an Afghani landrace strain. In other words, this strain has some history behind it. This high THC indica smells musky and earthy with accents of clove, pepper and sage.





Super Troopers

Before Anchorman, this movie could’ve been one of the most quoted movies of the early 2000’s. Five under-stimulated Vermont State Troopers spend their days having fun at the expense of others. When the state government wants to shut them down they have to find a way to remain or face dismissal.


Powdered Donuts

This strain has the gas for all of your antics. Powdered Donuts is a high THC indica dominant strain that is part Orange Cookies and part Jet Fuel Gelato. The smell is sweet with spice and everything nice.





How High

Two average dudes end up smoking something magical, aceing their university entrance exams and getting accepted to Harvard. The good times don’t last as they run out of their medium-inducing smoke and now it's up to their street smarts to get the high grade.


90s OG Kush

This classic bud has been the foundation of so many offshoots you could call it the “32 Chambers” of cannabis. Marked by a strong THC potency and distinct aroma, OG Kush is calming from head to toe so there’s really no need to get up from the couch.


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